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Services We Offer

Areto Systems offers e-commerce payment solutions for all online businesses. Any online store selling services or goods requires a cost efficient, robust and secure solution to accept credit and debit card payments. Online payments is the backbone of all e-commerce!

Online Payment Processing

Various online payment processing methods; including credit and debit cards, electronic wallets and alternative payment methods.

Credit and Debit Cards Processing

Extremely cost efficient credit and debit card processing solutions. Fees are as low as 1.70%.

Payment Gateway

A robust and secure PCI compliant payment gateway connected wtih several online credit and debit card payment solutions and electronic wallets.

E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

Our network of payment processing partners provide merchant accounts for virtually any online business.


All you need to know about our refer-a-friend program is right here!

Simply refer our service to any person you know (or don't) and you will be rewarded. Once you sign up, you will be given your own personal URL to share with your friends. Just ensure you share your personal URL with your friends or simply use the social media sharing bar under your account. When the referral starts using our services, you will be awarded with cash!

Our rewards start from € 15 up to € 200 per referral. As long as the referral starts using our services, you will earn cash!

E-commerce businesses. Anyone who has an online business must accept payments in some shape or form - our potential clients is any online business selling anything from tangible goods to offering services. The Internet is pretty large with million of business contributing to over €1,000 billion in sales annually!

Right now we offer wire transfers and payments to a Visa or MasterCard.

Referrals must be unique. Referrals uniqueness is based on the company name and URL.

When registered, simply login to your account and view the number of sign ups that are currently using our service. You will also see how many individuals have contacted us and once they start using our services, their status will change to 'LIVE'. Referral payments are paid on all LIVE referrals.

Pending - your referral has signed up and is being reviewed. Lost - for some reason the referral has not started using our services. Live - the referral has started using our services and therefore a reward is due.

As per Terms of Service - rewards are granted 1 full calendar month after the referral is live. Once the reward is credited to your account it is yours for ever. If the service is cancelled within the 1st calendar month (which is extremely unlikely), your reward won't be granted. If the service is cancelled anytime after that, this won't effect your reward.

Once your balance exceeds € 150, you can request a withdrawal at anytime by contacting You must state the balance you want to withdraw and also your username (registered email).